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Ashley Furniture Complaints

Welcome to Ashley Furniture Complaints...

I am sure a lot of people out there (including you if you're on this site) have complaints about the world famous Ashley Furniture.  You either had complaints at their Home Stores or the small town store that sells their merchandise.  This site has been set up to help you the consumer get those complaints heard and maybe help out to get the situation alleviated so that you are satisfied with the product that is called, "promotional furniture." Don't let the salesman/woman fool you into thinking that Ashley Furniture is ultra high quality furniture, it is not. Nor does the factory promote it as such. In the end it is the sales people that are tricking the consumer into thinking it is top of the line stuff.

Ashley Furniture is what it is, furniture that is inexpensive to purchase and will look good in your house for a few years. Then when you get tired of looking at it, put that stuff down in your basement and go out and buy something else in place of it. Sofas for $399-$499 are not unheard of from Ashley.  Matter of fact, if you take care of this stuff it could last for years on end. But don't go around thinking that you can let your kids jump on it, or you plopping your butt down on it hard will help it to stay together, it ain't gonna happen.  The old adage is true, you get what you pay for. If you want something to last for 10 years or more, don't purchase Ashley Furniture. Instead, purchase Flexsteel Furniture or Marshfield Furniture, or Broyhill the fabric will wear out before the frames do on this stuff.

In the end, most anything you purchase in life has a "shelf-life." Don't buy something that is inexpensive if you want it to last for years and years and years. Being cheap in life means you will be disappointed. For those that want a fairly good reasonably priced type of furniture, Ashley is your way to go.  They have improved their products in the last 5-7 years and they are making strides to do better with everything in their line.

Yes, they have their faults, all companies do. If you want quality service don't buy Ashley Furniture from a home store, all they want is your cash and once you are out the door, good luck getting any customer service from them. The small town stores that sell Ashley Furniture is a better deal. They should listen to your concerns, address them, and get that sofa that is ripped in the cushion taken care of for you. Small town family owned businesses that sell Ashley Furniture care about the customers unlike the "Big home stores" that could careless once you have paid them and you are having problems with the product.

It is with high hopes that we here at "Ashley Furniture Complaints" will get the point across to the nation that when you sell furniture to the consumer there should be customer service that goes with that purchase.

We now have a contact page set up so that you can send us your detailed complaints and concerns about the product that you purchased from wherever it was that you purchased it from.  In the end, we hope to be the voice that cries out, "Hey Ashley Furniture, your home stores are messing up, help us out here!!!"